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Join Woven Wrap Guild!

Hi, it's Diana! If you've been watching my lives, you've already seen what a big difference it makes to learn a simple wrapping skill . . . 

Woven Wrap Guild is how you can keep learning from me, one little skill after another that will snowball into all kinds of carries, more comfort, and a faster and easier time at wrapping.

Here's what you'll find inside Wrap Guild:
  • Sequence of Steps to Wrap Mastery:  I've laid out the path to mastery in a way that makes it easy to figure out which stage you are at and EXACTLY which step to take next that will build on your previous skills to make wrapping easy.
  • Full Wrapping Course: more than 12 hours of my recorded lessons that take you from wrap newbie to front and back wrapping pro. 
  • Monthly Bundles: Detailed tutorials, troubleshooting, variations, and comprehensive guides.
  • Carry Clinic: Live troubleshooting help, tips, and Q&A from me twice monthly.
  • Community: friendly support, encouragement and help.
This membership is so much more than a database of tutorials. It is designed to build on each new skill you master, while getting your specific questions answered as you go.

This is the last time that Wrap Guild will cost $10 monthly so you are getting a great deal :) No worries - even though it will cost more the next time I open the doors to new members, your price will NEVER go up.
You'll be billed automatically each month and can cancel anytime (but I don't think you'll want to)!
I hope you'll become part of my Wrap Guild community today, before the doors close, so I will get to continue this journey with you!

What moms are saying:

I went from doing a simple front wrap cross carry to all sorts of front and back carries. I learned how to troubleshoot problems all the while having support not only from Diana but also from the other lovely babywearing folks. I especially appreciate how Diana personally addresses questions I have and takes the time to go over each one, often with videos. I highly recommend joining the guild, it is great!
-Trish Wong

I've been wrapping for 5 months now with a lot of difficulty with tightening, red marks on legs, back problems etc. Your tutorial has shown me all the errors I've been experiencing and so so much more. A BIG THANK YOU for gaining my confidence & love in wrapping all over again. 
- Bernice Boshoff-Viljoen

It's so freeing...I feel my posture is so much better and my shoulders are getting a much needed break. They're 11 months old and both love to be worn. 
-Kyle Bowser

I've watched so many tutorials for back carries with cross passes but was never able to do it till today after watching you explain it.
-Elizabeth Dagnan

Thank you, thank you so much! I love your lessons. They help me understand so much easier how to wrap my baby!!!! You're the best!
-Kristen Carpenter

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$10 every month

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